“Don't let the fear of losing be greater than 
the excitement of winning” - Robert Kiyosaki

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our team members. I would like to personally welcome you to Coach Tommie and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer. We look forward to building a better future with you.

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The Benefits of Consulting are Endless

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Live Trading Sessions

Multiple Sessions Daily

Quality trades from 6 and 7 figure MASTER TRADERS who take the guess work and study time all the way to zero, they give you their winning strategies from day 1!

Branding & Positioning Analysis

Superior Assistance

From personal to professional growth, Salary Slayers wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful business you’ve always dreamt of. Book this service to start benefiting today.

Forex Training Course

Dedicated to You

From coast to coast, countless clients are benefiting from this and other services. It’s time to transform your business and mindset! Coach Tommie is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed.


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Modern Office


Paving The Way

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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

Curious to see what clients are saying about working with Coach Tommie? Browse through some client testimonials below to get a better idea of the kind of service you’ll recieve when you partner with Coach Tommie.


“This is the easiest money I’ve ever made. You want to have more control over your financial situation NOW. You gotta hop on this, opportunities only knock once!”

-Daniel Osborn


“This team has changed my life. While the company was built For Traders and by Traders and has an Awesome A,B,C style Education System, the amazing compensation plan forces us to help and build under each other to succeed.  This is a WIN WIN situation for everyone with the right mindset!!!”

Wesley Hunter


"My mission of helping others and creating Better Life's for so many, right from the comfort of their homes.  Times are hard for a lot of people doing this pandemic.....it's not about the company for me, it's about the Team!  This Team and the right mindset will push you beyond your limits and that's been a blessing to my Life!"  Mr. Rosnick

Mr. Rosnick aka BIGGIE

Brainstorm Team Meeting

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